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Combining our multiple product shipping experiences, modern software development know-how, we will rapidly make your connected products and services a reality!


  • Linux, Android, QNX, RTOS for embedded & Constrained devices
  • Android applications
  • Cloud & Backend development
  • Architecture & System engineering
  • Advanced debugging
  • Thermal & Energy management
  • Power & Performance management
  • Telecom & Radio protocols development
  • Automotive Infotainment and Telematics
  • Automotive Applications


  • Electric Vehicle Infotainment Architecture and Development.
  • Electric Vehicle Power Management.
  • Electric Vehicle Access System.
  • 3D Video Chat Android Application.
  • Smartphone Accessories Architecture & Product requirements.
  • Smartphone Accessories SW Development (Linux & Phone Android HAL, Drivers).
  • Smartphone advanced debugging.
  • Smartphone & Android applications internal Customer support.
  • IoT Routers Architecture & Software development for smart-city & industrial mesh networks.
  • Iot Products Hardware & Software deliveries for smart cities.
  • Iot Router Software development Audit.
  • Android Smartphone integration Audit.

Trusted by:

  • Silver Spring
  • Itron
  • Stellarium
  • Evesa



Leveraging it's large scope of expertise in hardware, software and connected devices, Korys provides you all the necessary know-how to define your product from the user needs to the product manufacturing so your ideas and concepts will become reality and make it on time to the market.



Our team will review and provide support to design your product hardware and optimize it for your features and cost target.



Korys designs and develops devices, software and cloud-based services for the industrial internet of things applications. Allows devices to be connected to the cloud by providing an abstract layer between the device data and the core engine for sensors monitoring and data gathering in an efficient way.



Korys offers a comprehensive portfolio of services tailored for every stage of product development. We help develop and prototype your product hardware & software and provide support to bring out to the market.


Hardware & Software

Our team will make your product reach higher goals by optimizing cost, power and performance to enhance the user experience of your customers.

Power and performance optimization to enhance user experience.


Software product
development audit

Korys has experts in modern software development shipping in products who will help you identify the right approach and methodology to get your product out on the market with the right quality.

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Whatever your business sector, whether you are a start-up or a major group, Korys Technologies can support you fully or partially throughout your projects.

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